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Just go. Getting out the door is always the hardest part.

Kathy Cotter joined English Turn Golf & Country Club in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina. She has over 19 years of experience as a personal trainer, including 11 years in the entertainment industry in California. Her certification includes International Sports Science Association, AAAI/ISMA Certified Fitness Professional, and Certified Nutritionist/Nutrition Counseling and Consulting.

She specialized in Body Bar® Free Weight System, BOSU®Balance Trainer, GlidingTM Sliding Disc Exercise System, Boxing, Smart Bells@ sculptural Weights used for Pilates and Yoga Training, and Heavy HoopTM Weighted Hoola Hoop. At English Turn, she is currently offering core training, body sculpting, personalized nutritional counseling, cardiovascular training, circuit training, strength training, muscle toning, increasing flexibility, and stress management. She is an asset to English Turn Golf & Country Club, both with the employees and the members.

Kathy has received numerous awards and achievements. In 1996, she received 1st place in the Miss USA Pacific, Body Building Championship. In 1997, she received 15th place in the Women’s West Coast Outrigger Championship. In 1996-1999, she starred in the American Gladiator, Bay Watch Hawaii, and Xena. In 2002, she received 3rd place in the Greater Guit States Championship for Figure & Fitness and The Louisiana Championship for Figure & Fitness. That same year, she received 2nd place in New Orleans Championship for Figure & Fitness. In 2003, she received 4th place in the Louisiana Championship for Figure & Fitness.

Her philosophy is: “In order to achieve any goal, especially fitntness goals, the first step is to help the client define specific and realistic goals and set a specific timeframe in which to achieve those goals. Then, an exercise plan is developed including a nutrition program to achieve their goals. Significant fitness goals can be reached within three to six months. A critical element to reaching goals, however, is a positive mental attitude and a willingness to accept challenges and overcome obstacles. As a dedicated professional, my job is to help my clients keep their attitude positive and provide creative and simple solutions for overcoming obstacles.”

Kathy Cotter